Tyler Cumming’s Bio

I started my interest in the fitness industry when I was 16 years old. I used exercise and traditional bodybuilding methodology to gain lean muscle mass which at the time was an ever so crucial physical attribute to have as a young teenager! So with consistent dedication I found myself exceeding all my goals in the appearance category but being an athlete and a competitor that was not enough. I played competitive sports starting at the age of 4 all through high school. I played and coached soccer, basketball, football, baseball and volleyball. Since I did not pursue a collegiate career in sports I needed an outlet. Since finding CrossFit I was gone down a path pursuing health, fitness and the mental and physical perfection of human performance. I have a background now in competitive CrossFit, Olympic weightlifting and Physique fitness shows. I hold my level 1 CrossFit Trainer’s certificate and I am pursuing an ACE personal training certificate as well. I have extensive empirical knowledge with nutrition in general and as it relates to performance. I am currently pursuing a degree in exercise physiology and nutrition with a minor in Business. I am married and expecting a baby boy in February. I have a passion for the personal growth and success of the people around me. I love to coach and share in the joy that accompanies people’s lives when they reach goals and find what it means for them to live a healthy, active lifestyle.

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