Sean O’Boyle’s Bio

Growing up as a chubby little kid in SoCal, Sean had to learn the hard way the importance of health and fitness. He started playing sports, including soccer, baseball, wrestling and football, as way to find his identity, lose weight and build muscle. 

His passion for weightlifting started in high school and prepared him for his enlistment into the United States Marine Corps, where he served from 1990-1994 as a Gulf War Veteran. The Marine Corp instilled in Sean the discipline and passion to impact other people’s lives through living healthier lifestyle. 

After Sean’s service in the Marine Corps and 15 years of experiencing life, he found himself lost and yearning to make a difference. So, Sean obtained his NASM and started training others through traditional and high intensity training. But, it wasn’t until Sean’s first CrossFit WOD, “Fight Gone Bad”, did he have a taste of true fitness. (Wasn’t pretty….)

After Sean’s experience with “Fight Gone Bad”, his new found passion to coach others was discovered. So he obtained his CrossFit Level 1 Trainers Certification. He competed in the SacTown Throwdown in the Masters Division where his team took 12th place. Sean took 5th in the FTF Affiliate Challenge in 2013. Sean and his friend and client Jeff opened V3 Crossfit in May of 2013 to take CrossFit to the Fair Oaks and Sacramento Neighborhoods. 

Sean is primarily responsible for the back end of business – programming the daily WOD’s, coaching the classes and mentoring other coaches.


CrossFitting since 2012 Personal Training for 7+ years Owner, Freedom Fitness and Holy Sweat Fitness Owner, V3 CrossFit Athletic Achievements: 5th Place FTF Affiliate Challenge 12th Place as a team in SacTown Throwdown, Masters Division.

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