Jeffrey Jones’ Bio

Jeff has been a competitive athlete his entire life, including playing both NCAA Water Polo and Football while attending Santa Clara University, and playing 12 years of competitive Rugby during college, law school and thereafter. He began weight lifting at the age of 14 after his high school’s varsity football coach told him to “put on 50 pounds and then come and talk to [him]”. He took the front forks from his bike, bolted them to the wall of his barn and lifted hay bales. He has had a passion for weight training ever since.

Jeff looks forward to the next chapter in his professional life premised on CrossFit. He is committed to creating an environment focusing on the individual needs of his athletes to excel no matter their age, fitness level or athletic background. He has come to realize that Cross Functional Training has something to offer all ages and skill types. Jeff himself is 52 years old but doesn’t feel it or act it! Jeff holds his CrossFit Level I Trainer Certificate. V3 CrossFit’s fundamentals are premised on core, volume and skill development. 

Jeff is primarily responsible for the front end of the business – running the front office, marketing, handling the finances, compliance, etc.

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