Test Day 4

V3 CrossFit – CrossFit

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A: Clean (1RM 10:00 To Establish)

Primer for the Clean*

1. With an empty barbell:

3 Complexes, resting ~45-60s between:

1 Pausing Front Squat, 2 Tall Cleans

2. With a lightly loaded barbell (add 10’s or so):

3 Sets of: 3-Position Squat Cleans

Pos 1: High Hang – Verticle Torso (small dip, shoulders stacked on hips)

Pos 2: Hang at the knee level

Pos 3 – From the floor

Think of this as an EMOM increasing weight each minute until Max


B: Bench Press (1RM 10:00 To Establish)

Primer for the Bench Press*

3 Sets with a light load (~25%) of 5 Reps with below points of performance:

1. Shoulder blades back together the whole time. Externally rotate the shoulders.

2. Feet stay planted to the ground. Think about driving through your heels much like how we squat.

3. Head and butt stay glued to the bench

C: Double-Unders (2:00 Max Dubs)

D: Pull-ups (3 sets of Max)

3 Unbroken Sets of Max Pull ups

Record Max Set


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