The Crucible

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In Honor of V3 CrossFit member Mike Everson’s son Mikey Everson who just finished up his last week of Marine boot camp and they start tonight at 2am by doing the Crucible. The graphic says it all but they push hard for 54 hours with limited sleep, little food, heavy packs, multiple challenges, and at the end they turn from recruits to Marines.

The Crucible is the final right of passage of boot camp that earns the recruits the right to be called Marines and wear the Marine emblem: the eagle, globe and anchor.

“You can sense the raw emotion just by looking in their eyes,” McNabb said.

“You focus on the mission, and getting through the day,” Plautz told me.

Over 54 hours, they march 55 miles. They carry 40-pound backpacks and their M-16s.

“They are only sleeping about two to three hours a night,” McNabb said. “They eat one MRE (meals ready-to-eat) per day.”

They must complete physical and mental challenges at 24 stations in the harsh terrain of Camp Pendleton.

Hoorah!!! Semper Fidelis

View Public Whiteboard

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

The Crucible – with a partner complete

30:00 AMRAP

400M Farmers Carry (35,25) Bumpers

45 Pull Ups

45 Push Ups

4 Rope Climbs


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