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Foundations 3 (No Measure)

V3 CrossFit On Ramp/Foundations Program 2015

Day 3 – Presses – They All Have The Same Start & Same Finish

Strict Press: NO LEGS

A.) Bar On Shoulder – Grip Outside Shoulder – Elbows Down & Back

B.) Legs, Hips, Arms Locked Out

C.) Feet Under Hips

D.) Core Tight – Rib Cage Down
E.) Head Through

Push Press: Use Legs & Hips 1x

 A.) Dip

1.) Butt Down & Back

2.) Feet Under Hips

3.) Knees Out & Forward

4.) Butt, Back & Head in Straight Line

B.) Drive

1.) Dip & Drive Through Feet & Hips

2.) Heels not Toes

3.) Full Hip Extension – No Over Extension or Muted Hip

C.) Press

1.) Same as 1& 2

Push Jerk: – Use Legs & Hips 2x

A.) Jump, Punch & Land

1.) Vertical Torso As You Dip

B.) Dip, Drive then Jump

1.) Tight Midline

2.) Full Extension Of Hips

C.) Punch, Drop Under Bar & Land
 1.) Find Active Shoulders – Press Up On Bar For Control

Thrusters: – Front Squat with a Press

A.) Squat Clean or Front Squat

1.) Feet Slightly outside Shoulders width 

2.) Weight on Heels

3.) Squat Below Parallel – Hip Crease below Crease of Knees

 B.) Drive Through Hips – Fully Extend

C.) Press & Lockout

1.) Elbows High, Chest Tall, Eyes & Head Straight Ahead

Metcon (Time)


12 Hang Cleans (135,95)

 Front Squats

6 Push Press

400m Run