Foundations 1

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Foundations Day 1 (No Measure)

1. Air Squat: 15:00

A.) *feet





B.) Squat Position

*5x 30sec Holds – 30sec rest

*3×12 Squat Therapy

2. Push Up: 10:00

A.) *Plank- Elbows & Straight Arms

*Arm positioned under Shoulders

*tight Core (midline)

*Hips – Glutes activated


*chest to deck

*arms locked out

B.) *HRpu

3. Burpee: Falling down & getting back up 5:00

A.) *Demo

*modifications- Feet wide, 1 leg up at a time, thrust,

*Chest to ground

*hips fully extended at top

*jump & hands over head

4. Sit Ups: 5:00

A.) *demo

*ab mats- arms fully extended, arms between feet at the finish

*GHD- advanced

Metcon (Time)

12:00 Cap

A.) Foundations


5 Burpees

7 sit-ups

9 push-ups

11 squats

200m Run

B.) Performance


OH Squats (135,95)

Plank To Push Ups

60m Sled Push (3,2 plates)