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Metcon (Distance)

10 Rounds

:40 sec Row

:20 Rest
Record Max Distance in Meters

Metcon (Time)

For Time 17:00 CAP

30 Deadlifts (225,155)

30 Push Press (135,95)

60 Dbl Unders

20 Deadlifts

20 Push Press

40 Dbl Unders

10 Deadlifts

10 Push Press

20 Dbl Unders

Foundations Day 4

V3 CrossFit – CrossFit

Where is the most special Place you have been? Why?

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Foundations Day 4 (No Measure)

Day 4 – Deadlifts & Posterior Chain

1.) Good Mornings

A.) Feet Shoulder Width Apart

B.) Knees Slightly Bent

C.) Hinge At The Hips

D.) Straight Tight Back

E.) Barbell on Traps – Hands Outside Shoulder Width

F.) Head & Neck in Neutral Position

2.) Dumbell Deadlift & Kettlebell

A.) Feet Shoulder Width Apart

B.) Hands Outside Hips

C.) Squat and Drive Through The Floor With Legs

D.) Back Straight and Core Tight

E.) Head Neutral

F.) Eyes Looking about 3ft In Front

G.) Stand and Tighten Glutes,Quads & Hamstrings

3.) Barbell Deadlift

A.) Feet Shoulder Width Apart

B.) Knees Slightly Bent & Out & Back

C.) Hands Outside Legs

D.) Hamstrings Loaded

E.) Drive Through The Floor With Legs and Feet – Think Leg Press

F.) Back Straight & Core Tight

G.) Head Neutral

H.) Eyes Down

I.) Barbell Against Shins and Travels Up Against Body


1.) Get The Barbell Out Of The Way Of The Knees Not The Knees Out Of The Way Of The Bar

2.) Take a Deep Breath Before Pushing & Pulling Bar Off Ground and Hold Until Lift Is Finished

3.) Deadlift Is Finished When Hips Are Closed, Shoulders Behind Hips And Knees Fully Locked Out

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

9:00 AMRAP

500m Row

15 T2B

12 DB Deadlifts (75,55)


V3 CrossFit – CrossFit

Who is your favorite Elite CrossFit Athlete?

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Barbell Complex (No Measure)



Power Clean

Hang Squat Clean

Front Squat

Strict Press

Metcon (Time)

With a running clock:

1. At the 0:00


21-15-9 of:

Power Cleans, 135/95

Ring Dips

2. At the 10:00

12-9-6 of:

Hang Squat Cleans, 155/105

Strict HSPU

3. At the 20:00

9-6-3 of:

Squat Cleans, 185/125

Muscle ups/ Bar Muscle Ups
Record Time to Complete Each 10:00 Segment

Foundations 3

V3 CrossFit – CrossFit

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Foundations 3 (No Measure)

V3 CrossFit On Ramp/Foundations Program 2015

Day 3 – Presses – They All Have The Same Start & Same Finish

Strict Press: NO LEGS

A.) Bar On Shoulder – Grip Outside Shoulder – Elbows Down & Back

B.) Legs, Hips, Arms Locked Out

C.) Feet Under Hips

D.) Core Tight – Rib Cage Down
E.) Head Through

Push Press: Use Legs & Hips 1x

 A.) Dip

1.) Butt Down & Back

2.) Feet Under Hips

3.) Knees Out & Forward

4.) Butt, Back & Head in Straight Line

B.) Drive

1.) Dip & Drive Through Feet & Hips

2.) Heels not Toes

3.) Full Hip Extension – No Over Extension or Muted Hip

C.) Press

1.) Same as 1& 2

Push Jerk: – Use Legs & Hips 2x

A.) Jump, Punch & Land

1.) Vertical Torso As You Dip

B.) Dip, Drive then Jump

1.) Tight Midline

2.) Full Extension Of Hips

C.) Punch, Drop Under Bar & Land
 1.) Find Active Shoulders – Press Up On Bar For Control

Thrusters: – Front Squat with a Press

A.) Squat Clean or Front Squat

1.) Feet Slightly outside Shoulders width 

2.) Weight on Heels

3.) Squat Below Parallel – Hip Crease below Crease of Knees

 B.) Drive Through Hips – Fully Extend

C.) Press & Lockout

1.) Elbows High, Chest Tall, Eyes & Head Straight Ahead

Metcon (Time)


12 Hang Cleans (135,95)

 Front Squats

6 Push Press

400m Run

Foundations 2

V3 CrossFit – CrossFit

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Foundations Day 2 (No Measure)

Day 2

Air Squat:

A.) Review

B.) 3×12 Squat Therapy. 

Front Squat

A.) Front Rack Position

a.) hand placement

B.) Elbows

C.) barbell positioning On Shoulders
B.) body Position 

A.) Head

B.) Eyes

C.) Chest

D.) core & Gluteus

E.) knees & Feet

Back Squat:

A.) Head & eyes

B.) high Bar & Low Bar

C.) Arms & Elbows

D.) chest

E.) knees & feet

OH Squats:

A.) head & eyes

B.) active shoulders

C.) hand positioning

D.) squat mechanics

Box Jumps

A.) Box positioning – corner & 3 sided

B.) Jump stance – arms,hips & legs

C.) Finish position – full extension

D.) Decent methods – jump,step & bounding (safety)

Metcon (Time)


Wall Balls

Box Jumps

Slam Balls